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JWalton, LLC is a healthcare consultancy and advisory services company created to support physicians, accountable care organizations, value networks and safety net providers focusing on patient-centered sustainable health care financing and delivery design.


Strategic & Practical Solutions for these Urgent Issues:

Consolidation Pressure

“The Hunt for Margins” – Leveraging management & technology innovations to propel the healthcare industry into the 21st century of business operations.

Focus On Equity

“The Unfinished Civil Rights Discussion” – Developing Intentional strategies for measuring progress on the removal of avoidable access, care delivery and health outcomes differences along racial, ethnic, gender and SES demographic lines.

Quality Competition

“The Preferred Value Network” – Demonstrating quality improvement, tied to financial performance, becoming the differentiator for preferred network contracting status.

Physician-led solutions

“Burnout’s Backlash” – Emerging physician leadership to improve the professional and personal experiences of the talented physician labor force while enhancing patient care.

Regulatory pressure

“Governing the Excesses” – Regulating anti-competitive and potentially non-sustainable marketplace consolidation behavior.

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