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Founded in 2022 by Dr. Jim Walton, JWalton, LLC provides advisory services for diverse

healthcare clients navigating the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Dr. Walton brings over 30 years of healthcare delivery, strategy and executive management experience to the strategic topics and discussions around sustainable, patient-centered

healthcare delivery redesign and optimization.


Dynamic Strategy Building

Supports clients' episodic and on-going strategic planning needs, using a unique “co-creation” methodology to explore solutions that align with the organization’s mission and values while leveraging the vision and intrinsic strengths of the management team.

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Medical Leadership Development

The physician’s influence has never been more critical for healthcare organizational success. JWalton, LLC has unique capabilities in support of physician leadership development, mentorship, and the development of team-based leadership by physicians.

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Care Delivery Transformation

JWalton, LLC supports clients as they develop plans for implementing strategic shifts in operations, creating timeline logic along with process and outcome goals to help organizations meet the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Ripe For

Why now?

History repeats itself:  It appears that there has been a consistent forward arc of U.S. healthcare policy (and operations) leading toward greater “patient-centered” healthcare financing and delivery design.


If you have ever been a patient, you know our health system is ripe for disruption. Along numerous avenues, U.S. Healthcare has significant opportunities to make progress in becoming more patient-centered, affordable, and higher quality.  One of those opportunities is the development of theoretical benefits to providers and their patients from a “patient-centered, sustainable healthcare system”.


This idea may require looking beyond the tradition of healthcare operators “maximizing profits” to enable “mission” (aka: no profit, no mission). Rather, we may now need to consider pivoting toward “optimization of system performance” using sustainability principles that take into consideration not only financial sustainability but include environmental and social sustainability in the strategic redesign and decision-making for legacy organizations, new consolidations and innovative start-ups.


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